Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Life is full of questions: questions about what life is about, what we're living for, and who we need to be. We are all searching for something more, something deepeer, something that can redefine our lives and revolutionize this world.

We live in a society that is plagued by alarming rates of depression and suicide. We are seeking happiness and instead are being burdened by the complete opposite. We try to find meaning in money but only end up more depressed, we try to find worth from popularity but it only leads to more emptiness, we try to find something deeper from material possessions but it only pushes us even further over the edge. How did we ever let it get to this point? To the point where we are a people that are so depressed and a people that feel as if we have nothing left to live for. We are all longing to be heard, to be seen, to be loved and to belong. Far too often people fall through the cracks; go unseen, go unheard, go unloved and never belong. Through the chaos and busyness we don't see far beyond our lives; we don't see the lives of those around us, those that are desperately calling out for help and to be seen and heard; so they go unnoticed, unheard in a loud world, unseen in a crowded world. 

Life is full of choices-big choices that will change the course of our life but also little choices that seem so insignificant. Our choices tell what we are about, what we are living for, who we are; our choices define us and give us purpose. We have a choice of how we live our life. We can live a selfish life, only caring about ourselves and what we do. We can be the person who never actually sees, who chooses to close our eyes to things we want to leave unseen; we can be the person who doesn't actually hear, who drowns out the sounds we want to leave unheard; and we can be the person who walks away, who turns our back on things that make us uncomfortable. Or we could be the person who cares, the person who actually sees, the person who actually hears and the person who walks closer instead of walking away. The person who takes the time to stand still in a crazy world and actually see and hear those who are so desperately calling out.

Life is about what you do, it is about who you are. It is about the little choices that seem so insignificant but truly mean the world. They are the choices that will change people, that will save people from getting to the point where they have nothing to live for. People are always looking for something to blame, for a person or something else to be the suspect, something to point the finger at. Why not point the finger at ourselves? What did we do? Most people say nothing, but that's the point. If we had the chance to do something but chose to close our eyes or drown out the sound or turn our backs, that makes us just as much the suspect. Far too often we have the chance to do something, to change someones life, but instead we do nothing and walk away and far too often it ends with the same result.

So what is life about? What are we living for? Who are we supposed to be?
What is life about? Life isn't about how much money we have, how many cars we have, what kind of clothes we wear; life is about finding something you believe in and standing up for it; life is about fighting for the little guy; for fighting for those without voices; life is about saving lives, about not letting it get to the point where people only see one way out. What are we living for? We are living for something deeper, something greater, something more meaningful then we will ever find anywhere else. We are living for love, and life and choices. Who are we supposed to be? We are supposed to be people that care, people that truly see, people that truly hear and people that won't turn our backs. We are supposed to be love and hope and joy.

What's the point of all this, if you're not going to let it change you?
Let something change you, let something strike a chord and truthfully change you. Don't be a person who does nothing, be a person who does something.

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