Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Who doesn't love good food and a good meal, I know I love it, so it was a given that some of my goals of summer 2010 had to include some food.

Goal # 1 part b - Eat everything awesome there is to eat in Regina
My list of awesome things to do in the summer didn't include food, so part b is to eat the awesome food that there is to eat in this city. That will most likely will be a whole lot of sushi and indian food and maybe a few other things, but I'm fine by that..

Goal # 2 - Learn how to cook
If you've ever spent a considerable amount of time with me, you know that I am far from being domestic; I've never really liked to cook, or clean or doing anything related to housework-It's not my forte. I've always kindof been the type of girl that wants to defy the traditional role of women and be independent (I'm not a feminist but I just don't like being defined by "typical roles" and if you be expect me to be that way I try even harder not to be).  For some reason, as of late, I've kindof been wanting to cook.  I've realized that I can still cook and be independent and it doesn't have to fit into traditional roles.
A couple days ago, my mom came home with a new cookbook including everything from goodlooking soups to chocolate cake, and I thought what the heck, let's cook something. So I did....and it would have been great, but who knew 2 cups of vegetable stock isn't actually 2 cups of powdered vegetable stock, not this girl. My soup would have supplied my family with their entire salt intake for their whole lives-that salty. Well I am no Julie Child, and accidents happen but I know that I will never mess up vegetable stock ever again. Right after it happened and my soup went into the garbage I vowed that I would never cook again, but Julie Child says "Never apologize" and so here goes round 2 and an effort to learn how to cook...

Goal # 3 - Breakfast dates with good friends
In my opinion, there is nothing quite like breakfast and good conversations with old or new friends.  The hardest part about leaving this place is going to be leaving the people I care about most, and that is why summer needs to be filled with countless breakfast dates-enough to give me a good fill me until I come back to this place.


Anonymous said...

Your vegetable stock story will be a family favourite for many years to come. We will get great mileage out of this one! It is important to learn how to cook and also important to learn to not take yourself too seriously. I am glad that you are learning both. Grandpa Ken would be proud! Love, mom xoxo
By the way, your second attempt at the soup was simply delicious. You are a fast learner, Julia!

joni said...

HAHA! I love you Alicia!!!!!!! oh man i can't even imagine the saltiness. Don't worry though. I'm nowhere near a fantastic cook and I've been trying for a while haha. Another really bad one is mixing up baking powder and baking soda. I've done that more than once. You should cook me something sometime. :) Lets do breakfast too, btw. Set a date. I don't have to be at work till 11, which gives plenty of time. Tell me a good day for you.

chelsa said...

your veggie stock story reminds me a bit of the time jody and a friend made cookies... without the flour! haha. you live and learn, right?? ;)

melissa. said...

im up for breakfast too. I am around all summer with no job and no real plans. after this week, lets do it.

TamaLa said...
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TamaLa said...

ha! I love the soup story! I'm still smiling! Good for you though for giving it another whirl...you are a whirling dervish after all!! ;)
I think in your urge to be non-traditional you may actually be a feminist. I think one must define what is meant by feminism. If it is something that represents a driven, adventurous, compassionate, and community-minded woman who seeks fairness and justice for all...then you might just be a feminist of sorts...Maybe? ;)
I'm game for a bfast too!
Love ya!